As our human population continues to grow our biggest lesson is how to do so in harmony.

Congratulations human 🥳💃🏻🎉 you made it to 2022! We have the Metaverse, big data, a war in Ukraine, and an ongoing pandemic in the China Mainland as of the time of writing.

War, pandemic, and information disparity, seem to all have a grave effect on those who, on the surface of things, seem to be doing alright. In reality, we’ve all gone a little crazy. Loneliness, social disruption, economic stagnation, all have a significant impact on our mental health.

As Hongkongers, we know too well how the choking restrictions of a crowded and noisy urban environment can have a profound effect on one’s outlook in life. Our working holiday program is a response to this. We know for a fact, that given adequate time, nature cleanses and heals. We certainly hope the healing power of mother earth can empower and inspire Hongkongers.

For more information about our working holiday program, please navigate to the Art and Sustainability page or contact us for a tailor made program for you.

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