Trained in the traditional arts and ever ready to venture into new horizons

Eric is a core member of our Art and Sustainability Committee and a creative tour-de-force given his extensive artistic exposure.

Born into an artistic legacy, Eric is son of renowned painter He Baili. Nurtured by his family, he developed an instinctive interest in the visual arts at an early age. For his undergraduate degree, Eric studied Fine Arts at York University (Canada) in 1997 and later obtained a Masters degree in Design Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2003. During his stay in Canada, he organised and curated numerous art and charity exhibitions.

Eric is an active member of the Hong Kong art scene, and organises various exhibitions for local and overseas artists and groups. After founding the Gallery Article and Ohoconcept Fine Art, he established Ink Occasions and Art Bliss Coalition as an art platform to further promote contemporary ink art.

Brought up in a western cultural environment, he ventured many an exploration in different medium such as oil, watercolor, photography, sculpture, printmaking, Chinese ink painting and Chinese calligraphy, thereby reflecting mixed traditions as a clear influence in his work. All these creative endeavors enabled him to create a series on the Hong Kong cityscape and life in recent years.  

Eric is currently an executive member of the Overseas Chinese Artists Association and a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association.