The mission of Faith in Love is to support the alleviation of poverty, encouraging volunteerism, and promote art as a medium of connection and expression. In particular, our foundation focuses on the care of children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, providing support, both emotionally and financially to youth who have had a rough start in life.

Voice OUT! against discrimination that erodes our humanity

in 2020 we developed the VoiceOut! app to help Hong Kong people safely report instances of racial, family, or LGBTI discrimination

Voice Out! is a free app designed to help individuals in Hong Kong confidentially report instances of discrimination for further investigation and public research. Voice Out! was developed by Faith In Love Foundation, a registered charitable organisation in Hong Kong with the aim of contributing to a better society and making the world a more pleasant place.  

Our aim is to encourage widespread usage of the app within Hong Kong to foster and perpetuate a society of non-discrimination, acceptance, and social harmony. 

No one should feel uncomfortable with reporting instances of discrimination, and no one should fear any repercussions or judgements before, during, or after submission, as a result of using the app.

You don’t need to be discriminated against in order to use the app. You can submit instances of discrimination on behalf of someone else, such as if you are an observer  and would like to voice out. 

Often, people who discriminate simply lack the awareness that their behaviour constitutes discrimination against others, but it certainly does not make the action any less harmful. This app aims to be a neutral third party that provides impartial advice. 


If someone witnesses an incident of discrimination or feels they are being discriminated against, they can report the incident using Voice Out! 

Our team will confidentially review your report and reach out to you with next steps, if necessary.


  • Confidentially submit reports of discrimination, stating when, where, and what happened
  • Upload and share audio, video, or other evidence of discrimination
  • Ability to report anonymously

Voice Out!是一款免費的應用程序,旨在幫助香港人舉報歧視案件,以作進一步調查和研究公共政策。Voice Out! 手機應用程式是由一家在香港注冊的慈善組織「相信愛基金」贊助,其願景是為更美好的社會做出貢獻,並使世界成為每個人都更宜居的地方。






如果有人目睹歧視事件發生或覺得自己受到歧視,便可以使用“Voice Out!”舉報事件!



  • 機密地提交歧視報告,包括說明事件發生的時間,地點和情況
  • 上傳和共享音頻,視頻或其他歧視證據
  • 能夠匿名舉報