Hong Kong clean ocean advocate

As a people who constantly live at the mercy of the weather, Wendy a third generation Islander and fisherwoman, is acutely aware of the impact of human activity on our natural environment. For generations, her family had depended on the bounty of the ocean. Lamma Island was once home to large sea turtles and white porpoises, now we rarely see them at all anywhere in the South China Sea.

That’s why it’s time to do something about it. Dedicated to a lower carbon future, the ocean is our biggest resource for sink and settle, a method for carbon to be absorbed by the ocean floor and it’s fauna. Wendy spearheads Lamma’s multifaceted island initiatives, educating the public on the delicate and yet resilient ecosystems around the island shore, as well as developing Lamma Island into an eco-warrior tourist destination. From sustainable fish farming to algae actions, Wendy and her team are making a difference and doing it with blue carbon curbing in mind.

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