V-OUT Task Force photo
V-OUT Loud! LGBTIQ task force: Professor Yiu Tung Suen, Professor Denise Tang, Jerome Yau of Pink Alliance, and G our Chairperson

Faith in Love is a not for profit non-governmental organisation whose principal activities are to provide support services for socially disadvantaged families, children and elderly; and promoting artistic education and exchange between disadvantaged groups.

Focusing on LGBTIQ issues we have a gender and sexual minority task force named “V-OUT Loud!” that reviews and advocates for protection and support of LGBTIQ communities and builds capacity for members of the community to thrive and shatter glass ceilings.

The budget allocated to V-OUT Loud! will be provisioned towards staff salaries, stipends, disbursements and programme costs. To learn more about our work please follow our V-OUT Loud! blog.

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