Just this May, I was fortunate enough to go on a Marine Biology tour in Southern California to learn about dolphins and whales in their natural habitat.  Dolphins have EQ that surpasses that of humans because they have ultrasound communication capabilities that allow each individual to know when someone in the group is in distress, or pregnant, or happy or frightened. They can even tell if a human is pregnant. 

Perhaps the ideal endpoint for the business sector is to have business leaders and political leaders be more like dolphins, that is we are able to think and feel as a group and not just as an individual.   Someone will swim in the front, and someone will protect the edges, but in the end if we are able to communicate authentically and honestly, perhaps this will inform our group-think and group-act in exponentially better ways.   

From the Wealth of Nations to Wealth of all Humans

The building industry has the most to both gain and lose from the transformation from the 18th/19th Century world-view of wealth being land-based to capacity based.  The ideal endpoint will be when we have pushed through the disruption into balance.  As we explore the risks, opportunities, challenges and implications of transition to a net-zero future stay tuned to our blog for more updates and discussions.

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